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We believe every family deserves the opportunity to remember the moment their child enters the world through artfully captured photographs. Each child’s birth is a special, unforgettable event, and our goal is to ensure families have an easy, enduring way to capture and relive these cherished moments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide beautiful, meaningful portraits of each family’s newest child, ensuring an easy, unintrusive experience. We’re committed to easing the lives of moms and families, respecting their rest and bonding time.

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Who Is Photo Nursery?

While teaching photography, guest service, and retail operations for a Kodak subsidiary across ten countries at renowned theme parks, resorts, and tourist destinations, Jeff Secrease became aware of a niche need. He noticed that the quality of newborn photography provided in hospitals often did not meet families’ expectations, particularly during the early days when newborns’ appearances rapidly changed. This realization highlighted the importance of capturing these moments right in the postpartum rooms, a time when the unique features of newborns are most pronounced and yet most fleeting.

In 2008, motivated by the desire to fill this gap, Jeff Secrease founded Photo Nursery. The mission was clear: redefining newborn photography standards within hospitals. By assembling a team of talented professionals committed to delivering empathetic, high-quality photography services, Photo Nursery set out to enable families to cherish their newborn’s first days through beautifully captured images. After becoming a father himself, he was better able to empathize with families and continues his efforts in capturing these moments for families. Our service ethos is crafted to seamlessly blend into the hospital environment, facilitating the capture of these invaluable portraits as promptly as possible after birth. This approach ensures that the process respects the mother’s need for recovery and the precious early bonding moments between mothers and their newborns, all while contributing positively to the overall patient care experience.

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